What We Do

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc. was established with the objectives to revive and develop tourism industry in Morobe, promoting tourism and to provide tour guides.


Tourism Growth and Development

Morobe Province has the largest landmass with over 33 LLGs. Our aim is to identify potentials sites in these areas to preserve and develop the areas into tourism hotspots. These include historical sites, cultural activities, natural habitats, mountains and rivers and many others. Our aims to identify them and develop them by engaging communities and other stakeholders.


Promotion & Partnerships

One of our main functions is to promote the tourism through our networks and partnerships. We will establish partnership both with the local communities, the local and provincial government including the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority to market the products


Tour & Explorations

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc will also operate as a tour agency, to be based in Morobe Province. We will provide tour guides to tourist (international visitors) to travel and explore parts of Morobe province. We have experience tour operators who will work with local communities to design best packages for the visitors.