Tours - Places to Go!

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc can able to design tour packages from our existing tour sites and provide tour guides to the visitors coming to Morobe Province.

Mountain Trekking

In Morobe Province, we have good highest number of peaks with the famous Mt Sarawaget and Sarawaget Range. We can provide best tour guides to help you explore the hidden treassures in the peaks and mountains.

Historical Sites

Morobe Province is the home of history and arhelogoical sites. We have good historical sites including the famous War Cemetaries and Nature Parks best for site seeing and exploration. We will assist with arranging your visits.

Morobe Show

The event showcases a variety of agriculture, horticulture, livestock, commercial, industry, education and culture activities. The main attractions at the show include the cowboy events, traditional dancing, rides and entertainment, etc

Rain-forest Habitats

 The rugged mountains near Lae are covered in a tangle of rainforest which is home to an assortment of tropical birdlife, butterflies, orchids and other creatures. The rainforest habitats in Lae is the best place to visit and enjoy the tropical natures.


Salamua Coast is the best place to go fishing and swimming with white sandy beach, crystal-clear seach with sorrounding islands and village. A best place to spend quite time away from town. Located only few minutes away from Lae, the historical town have it all.


Morobe Province have number of fast flowing rivers that can be avaiable for rafting. These include the famous Markham river, Busu River, Sopa, Mape River among others. MTB will plan and arrange better rafting packages for the visitors

Are you planning for a visit?

Morobe Tourism Bureau is the only official tourism and tour agency in Morobe Province. We can help you choose your tour sites that will suit your requirements. Contact us today for booking and travel arrangements.