Our Partners

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc is officially partnering with PNG Tourism Promotion Authority and other tour operators to share resources and expertise.

Morobe Provincial Administration

Morobe Provincial Government (MPG) under the leadership of Hon Ginson Saonu has pledged it support to recognised MTB as an agency established to develop and promote tourism in the Province. MTB will work closely with the MTB Commerce and Industry to revive, develop and promote tourism industry in the province. To read moe about MPG, vist their website at www.morobe.gov.pg

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority is the regulating body responsible for tourism promotion in the country. The TPA has recognised and support the establishment of Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc (MTB Inc) and has pledge is support towards launching of MTB in 2020. Morobe Tourism Bureau will work closely with TPA to market tourism products. Visit www.papuanewguinea.travel for details.


Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc will bring opportunities to the communities in each of the nine districts or local governments. This will enable the people to participate equaly in the tourism industry as a tour operators, and further supporting them to establish small tourism services such as lodges, parks, etc… that will also help them to earn an income. Everyone will become part of the bureau

PNG Tourism Industry Association

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc (MTB) is a member of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Industry Association. Our membership with the TIA will help us to extend our industry further to meet the tourism standards. This will also help us to market our products using their established channels and network

Hospitality Services

Morobe Tourism Bureau will also establish partnership with the hotel and lodges that are providing hospitality or accommodation services. Our partnership will ensure the best accommodation and hosptial services are avaiable for the visitor. Our aim is to assist in promoting their products and services through our channels and networks.

Logistics and Security

Morobe Tourism Bureau will also partner or work collaboratively with the logistics and security service providers as part of the tour services in Morobe Province. These include Hire car services, airline services, airport transfer services, taxi services or escort services. These partnership will help MTB to use their services to provide appropriate tourism services.