About Us

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc. is a not for profit organization established to develop and promote tourism in the Morobe Province. 



In the absence of a Morobe Provincial Government enacted Provincial Tourism Act, to support any Tourism Activities in the Province, the Morobe Tourism Bureau Incorporated (BTBI) was established outside of the formal Provincial Legislative framework under the PNG Associations Incorporation Act, with the support of the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority.

The Association was registered on February 3, 2018, as an umbrella organization to coordinate and manage the Tourism Activities in the Morobe Province which has been lacking since the closure of the former Morobe Tourism Bureau operated under the Lae Chamber of Commerce more than 15 years ago.


Funding and Support

The Board and Management of the MTBI will seek financial support from the Morobe Provincial Government and the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority initially to get start up the Association but will draw support from the Membership of the Association to grow the Tourism business in the Morobe Province.


Type of Tourism

The Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc was established as a non-profit umbrella Organization to coordinate and manage the Tourism activities in the Morobe Province with the main objectives to establish, develop, promote and encourage all tourism stakeholders, groups and individuals to share ideas and experiences and obtain the benefits to sustain their communities and their livelihood in Province.


We are currently operating out of the Lae International Hotel, 4th street, Top Town, Lae, Morobe Province

Contact Details

Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc
P O Box 2596
Lae 411
Morobe Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone: +675 79065582/7132 2150
Email: morobetourism@gmail.com
Website: www.morobetourism.org.pg


MTB Particulars

Offiial Name: Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc
Registered: February 3, 2018
IPA No:  5-104764
TIN No: 501099524

Executive Officer: Defol Jabbar
Phones: 79065582
Email: defoljabbar@gmail.com



The Morobe Tourism Bureau Inc. was incorporated under the Association of Incorporation Act for the purposes of:-

  • Establishing, developing, promoting and encouraging Tourism in the Morobe Province;
  • To establish, promote and encourage Economic, Social and Infrastructure development of Tourism in the Province through the Bureau;
  • To promote and encourage greater involvements and participation by the people and stakeholders in the Tourism programs through the Bureau by providing opportunities to the people in the rural communities to participate in the economic development and income generations to sustain their livelihood;
  • To ensure fair distribution and delivery of Government Services and funds and donor funding and other services to the people of Morobe Province via the Morobe Tourism Bureau and its visitor’s particularly the tourists who are expected to flux in annually to tour and experience unique cultural values and natural environments around Morobe Province;
  • To liaise with the National Government, Morobe Provincial Government, District Development Authorities, Local level Governments and their Administrations and other relevant statutory Organization including Donors Agencies and NGOs and Private Sectors for Economic, Social and Infrastructures development and upkeep of the greater Lae Metropolitan City and other urban Centres in the Morobe Province;
  • Channel all funds received from various Governments, NGOs, Donor Agencies and Private Sectors for the purpose of creation of conducive and enabling improve Social, Economic and Infrastructural environment and services improvement of Tourism industry through the Bureau;
  • To value, promote, protect and appreciate our cultural, ethical, social and spiritual heritage;
  • To protect and safe guard our culture, tradition and Environment;
  • To protect our Crafts and Artifacts;
  • To protect Morobe’s Heritages and histories;
  • To promote Gender Equality and HIV/AIDS awareness;
  • To promote safe community programs and promoting peace and good Order.

(b) That the association will apply its profits (if any) or other income in promoting its objects; and

(c) That the association will prohibit the payment of any dividend or payment in the nature of a dividend to its members.

(d) MBTI will invite and encourage all Tourism related Operators in the Morobe Province to become Members of the Association.

(e) The Board of Directors of the MBTI will be drawn from the Membership of the Association once the organization is established properly and up and running.